I did catering for a baby shower and the brief was to do a mini burger bar. I loved doing this catering and had such a great time doing it!

I made the homemade slider buns which was my first attempt and it came out perfectly. I homemade the beef patties and the pulled pork. I cooked the pork belly in a slow cooker for 8 hours, it came out perfectly tender and just melted in your mouth. I also made a fresh herb salad, chicken strips and toppings for the beef burgers.

I will post a recipe for each component separately but this is just a post to show the whole set up. Decor done by the amazing Beautiful Spaces. Follow them on IG on @beautiful_spaces_events



Creamy chicken, spinach and mushroom

I saw the recipe in a video however as usual I have tweaked it a bit. I also did a twist on a normal potato and egg salad (but this I’ll keep my secret 🤫). Ideally you should use chicken breasts for this however I just worked with what was in my fridge. Also you can add parmasean cheese however I don’t have any in mine.








1 Tsb of Flour


First you season your chicken with salt and pepper. Put some butter in a pan and fry off the chicken until it’s cooked. Take the chicken out and set aside. Fry your sliced mushrooms in the same pan and once they’re cooked take them out and set aside. Melt some more butter in your pan then add some garlic. Fry that off a bit then add the flour and whisk it in the butter. Add the cream and continue whisking on a low heat. Once that’s all mixed up you can add back the mushrooms, your chicken then add some spinach. Let that simmer on a very low heat until the sauce has thickened.  Then your meal is ready!

Enjoy! Xoxo




Prawn and Chorizo spicy rice


Prawn and Chorizo rice, I got this recipe from my favorite app Tasty. Of course I added my own flavour to it, you could do the same too! Cooking is all about expressing yourself so be creative. Don’t be afraid to try new things and experiment!


Long grain rice


Prawns (devained and peeled)


Italian Herbs

1 Tsp Tumeric

Curry powder


Bell Peppers

1 Onion

2 tsps Garlic

Seasoning (salt and pepper)


Coconut milk


Method: chop your onions, chilies and peppers. Slice your chorizo and put in a pan to fry off. Add your turmeric, garlic, curry powder and herbs. Then add your rice and let that fry a little with all your spices. Add just enough water to cover the rice. Let that simmer for 15 minutes.

Once the rice has soaked up the water add the prawns and peas. Then add half a cup of coconut milk. I chose to add coconut milk just to add that Portuguese touch. Add your pepper and salt according to your taste then cover that up for a further 5 minutes on a low heat.  Once your prawns have curled up then it’s ready.


I hope you enjoy this! It’s super delicious and spicy.


Lamb and sausage with creamy polenta

I got this recipe from the Food&Home magazine January 2018 Issue.

It’s a very easy recipe and it’s quite tasty. You can obviously customize it to your own taste.



500g (X2) Lamb sausage with Rosemary

2 red peppers

1 1/2 onions

2tbps of crushed garlic

fresh or dried Rosemary

250g Polenta

1 cup of cream

100g of butter

100g of Grana Padano cheese

1L of water

2 tbsps of Garam Masala

1/2 a cup of white wine

2 tins of chopped tomatoes


method: slice the sausage and fry in a pan using olive oil. Once the sausage is brown set it aside. Fry the onions, sliced red peppers, garlic and rosemary together. Then you add the white wine and let that reduce on a low heat. Once reduced add the sausage and 2 tins of chopped tomatoes then the garam masala.


For the polenta let the water come to a boil then add the Polenta. Whisk that on a reduced heat for two minutes. Then take that off the heat and add the cream, butter and cheese until the Polenta is smooth. Season to your taste.



Fish and Mushroom pasta bake

After work I’m usually tired and want something quick and easy to make. Here’s a quick recipe for those weekdays. I hope you try this and enjoy it ❤️.


Macaroni, mushrooms, 1 onion, half a green pepper, garlic, 2 cans of tinned fish, 2 sachets of pasta sauce (I used cheese and tomato sauce)  and cheddar cheese.


Boil the pasta with some salt until it’s al dente. In a frying pan fry your chopped onion and green pepper then you add some garlic. Add your mushrooms until they’re cooked properly. Add your fish and use a fork to crush it into smaller pieces. Salt and spice to your taste.

Add the fish to the pasta and make sure it’s mixed through. Put the pasta in a casserole dish, mix the pasta sauce with boiling water and pour on top of the pasta. Put some grated cheddar cheese on the pasta and grill it until the cheese is golden brown.

That’s it! Enjoy ❤️




Smoothie Bowl

My new favourite thing! Smoothie bowls. They are so refreshing, tasty and nutritious. Really great for the summer season!  I also really enjoyed being creative with them. So this is what I used:

Frozen strawberries, frozen blueberries, fresh mixed berries (raspberries, blueberries etc), low-fat vanilla yoghurt and oats.  Blend it up and there you go! I used my nutribullet, you can use any blender you have.

You can literally put in whatever you want. You can make a green one with spinach and apples for example. Do whatever you like.

For the topping I used fresh berries, chia seeds, chopped hazelnuts and decanted coconut. Be creative you can play around with it! Don’t be shy.

Hope you try this and give me feedback soon. Much love Omphile ❤️